Create your first project

In this example we will use the main screen to create a new project.


Projects can also be added with the sidebar dropdown button, with this option the inspection button needs to be used manually.


Use the browser extension

The software contains its own packed browser extension which is loaded automatically.


Both “Inspection” and “Automation” panels are hover-triggered expandable sidebars.

../_images/Screenshot_221.png ../_images/Screenshot_222.png ../_images/Screenshot_223.png

Once a property is created or selected, the navigation mode is disabled and replaced with a point-and-click interface. To switch back to the navigation mode, you can click again on the selected property or use the contextmenu.


Click on the element you want to select. The software will make a first guess at what CSS selector you want. It’s likely to be bad since it only has one example to learn from, but it’s a start. Elements that match the selector will be highlighted in yellow.


Click on elements that shouldn’t be selected. They will turn red. Click on elements that should be selected. They will turn green.

../_images/Screenshot_225.png ../_images/Screenshot_226.png

Selected element can be customized by changing manually its CSS selector. Check this CSS selector reference page for more details:

../_images/Screenshot_227.png ../_images/Screenshot_228.png

Start a project

../_images/Screenshot_229.png ../_images/Screenshot_230.png

Preview results

../_images/Screenshot_231.png ../_images/Screenshot_232.png ../_images/Screenshot_233.png

Export data